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Free speech to text dictation software in a browser.

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The fact that TalkTyper even exists is due to the work of many. TalkTyper, like many web applications, is built with and upon numerous existing tools and frameworks.

First off, TalkTyper wouldn't exist if Google had not introduced the speech input. Thanks! The optional text playback in most cases is also courtesy of Google, although English speakers also have the option of using SpeechUtil.

Secondly, many of the interface elements are enabled by the jQuery library. Some of the dialogs are enabled by Eric Martin's SimpleModal library. LessCSS has been a very helpful tool throughout.
The work of Michael Puls at Shadow2531 was very enlightening on the subject of email uri quirks.

Many of the pictures and icons are from or are based upon images from WikiMedia Commons:
The microphone in the logo is from this image:Exquisite-microphone.png
The keyboard from the logo is from this image: Input-keyboard
The font used in the creation of the logo is Honey Script by Dieter Steffmann.
The "Globe of Flags" image used for the international link is based on this image: Anonymous_globe_of_flags_1.svg.
The darkened (hover) version is based on this image: Anonymous globe of flags 2
The "settings" icon is based on this image: Emblem-system
The "accept" down arrow button is based on this image: Go-bottom
The "alternatives" icon idea came originally from this image: List
The speaker icons are based on this image: Speaker_Icon.svg
The "copy" icon is based upon this one: Edit-copy
The right arrow on pages requiring translation is from here: Go-next
The email icon is based on this image: Blue a v.svg.
The print icon is based on this image: High-contrast-printer
The delete icon was inspired by this image: Clear left-2.0
The Twitter icon is based upon this image: Twitter logo initial
The microphone icons are derived from this fantastic icon font: Microphone
The hand icon is derived from an icon in this icon set: Hand pointing up
Even the "Add Punctuation" icon started off life as this image: Ellipsis

The copying capability is thanks to zClip, which, in turn, is based on Zero Clipboard.